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What is...a benefit of having a Fractional IP Counsel?

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Large companies generally have several in-house counsel. In-house counsel may be specialized (e.g., employment, litigation, or IP), or they may be generalists handling a variety of legal issues every day for the company. By having a dedicated staff of attorneys, large companies gain immeasurable value from having their legal issues handled promptly and consistently in the company's best interests.

Small and medium size companies (SMEs) may not be able to support a fully-staffed, in-house legal department. A fractional IP counsel can be an excellent option for SMEs that need specialized IP counsel. A fractional IP counsel, like KPIP Law, can act as your in-house counsel for IP matters, leaving your company's general counsel free to handle the remaining day to day legal issues for your company.

As fractional IP counsel, KPIP Law can provide your company with IP law support on a day-to-day basis for a flat monthly fee. These fees vary based on what your company needs. KPIP Law has developed a 3-Tier system. Whether you have a large portfolio with several IP assets that need continuous management or you are a start-up wanting to make sure you identify and protect your IP assets as they are created, we have a Tier for you. This solution provides your company with sophistication and predictability.

If you are interested in learning more about Fractional IP Counsel as an option for your company, please reach out.


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