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What is...something you can do to set your company up for worldwide success? IP Management

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Identify, Protect & Monetize your IP. That is our tagline and we take it very seriously.

KPIP Law will help you navigate international IP laws & expand your business with ease.

KPIP Law provides support for your business from beginning to exit. We start by helping you to identify what IP you already have. We help to protect your IP in the US and around the world thorough a strong network of colleagues. Once your IP has been filed we continue to work to safeguard your IP using watches and we make sure fees are paid on time so that your IP stays in force.

We become a valued member of your team as external counsel, as a fractional IP attorney, or as foreign counsel to firms and companies outside of the US looking to protect their IP within the US. We provide IP strategy and IP management for our clients utilizing a combination of Copyright, Trademark, and Patent law for overlapping and complimentary coverage.

Reach out today to learn more. I look forward to working with you.


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