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No more unmet expectations

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According to Brené Brown, "Disappointment is unmet expectations, and the more significant the expectations, the more significant the disappointment. The way to address this is to be up-front about our expectations by taking the time to reality-check what we’re expecting and why."

Over the years, I have had amazing relationships with foreign associates. I have also had a few disappointing experiences.

For me, a critical characteristic of any good relationship is the level and the quality of the communication. I work very hard to make sure I am communicative and responsive. After all, no one likes surprise in business.

I try never to lose sight of why I do this work. I do it to help individuals and companies protect their ideas in the marketplace. I want to help them secure protection for their intangibles, aka their secret sauce.

When people do not hear back from you they fill in the blanks. That is human nature. You never want to leave your client or foreign associate wondering what is happening in the case. Was it taken care of? Was it filed on time? How much did it cost?

I have had the pleasure of incredible partnerships over the years. There, thorough, well-thought out advice was provided in a timely fashion, and the pricing and timelines were clear. These are the members of my cherished network of colleagues around the world.

I have also had horrific experiences where I had to follow up several times to find out if the work was done, if it was it filed on time (it wasn't), what the next steps were, and how much it cost? In one example, I received a report from a foreign office along with the associate's reporting letter. In the official report it was clear that the filing had been late and a late filing fee had been paid. It was also clear (for the first time) that the person I was communicating with had sent the work out to another firm. I was beyond disappointed. I was angry. That was the first and only time I worked with them. It should never have happened.

With me, you get the service you expect and deserve. I am open, up-front, responsive, and highly-skilled. I will be your point of contact. You will know where you stand. Please reach out if this resonates with you.

What are some experiences you have had (the good and the bad)? How do you set expectations to avoid disappointing results?

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