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Thoughts on turning 3

Three years ago, amidst a global pandemic I was forced to make a decision. I could stay where I was merely tolerated or I could trust in my abilities and dare to dream bigger. I chose door number 2. I started KPIP Law so I can bring my whole self to the table. Living authentically allows me to provide the best client service, practice balance and self-care, embrace innovation and change (in the legal field and as a citizen), and interact with my peers with compassion and collegiality - and expect the same in return.

As I reflect back on these past three years I am struck by how far I have come. I have let go of things, and people, and I have embraced the power of No. That sense of agency has given me space to say Yes to the things that really matter to me.

I have always loved to learn and as a business owner there I no shortage of ‘lessons’ - every day. I look forward to the next three years with anticipation. I look forward to making new connections and to strengthening existing ones.

If it has been a while since we have chatted I look forward to speaking again soon. If we have not met, and you are in need of IP services I invite you to reach out. I would be honored to meet you and see how KPIP Law can help your business thrive. Onward and upward!

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