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What is...a reason to engage outside IP counsel?

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As in-house counsel, you are tasked with either handling or delegating the multitude of legal matters for your company. You have a unique perspective on your company's goals and pain points, but you also have a limited number of hours in the day.

Similarly, in a small to medium company, you may not have in-house counsel at all. Perhaps your company's IP matters are handled by one or more directors (of marketing, of R&D, etc.) while they are also busy running their respective departments.

Regardless, having a single point of contact to manage your company's IP in the US and around the world can add tremendous value to your company's bottom line and take some of the pressure off your internal workforce. Let KPIP Law be your dedicated Outside IP Counsel.

If your company could use support in the management of its IP assets in the US and around the world, KPIP Law is ready, willing, and able to take that off your plate. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss how we can help.

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