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What IP audit? Do you need one?

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KPIP Law wants to help you get a grasp on and protect what you've built.

An important piece of the puzzle is understanding what IP assets your company already has and whether they are protected. I haven't worked with a company yet that doesn't have some form of IP. Whether that IP asset is in need of domestic or international protection is another questions. KPIP Law is here to help you make these decisions by conducting an IP audit.

Armed with a survey of your existing IP assets and their current status we can develop an IP strategy that best suits your company. Perhaps you need to better understand the competitive landscape, perhaps you are looking to expand into new markets or new jurisdictions. It is hard to make an informed decision without the data. This is where we come in.

If you are ready to take the first step in protecting your IP, or it has been ages since you assessed your big picture, please reach out.

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