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What is...important to consider when you launch a new product or service? IP Strategy.

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Having a skilled and dedicated IP attorney adds significant value to your business.

Here are some things to consider before launching a new product or service. If any of these bullet points resonate with you, contact us today.


IP Searching:

  • Is your trade or service mark similar to another mark?

  • Are others using your trade or service mark in the US or around the world?

  • Is your new product or service patentable?

  • IP searching can reduce risk and add value when coupled with the next step.


IP Strategy:

  • Where to file your IP

  • What to file (patent, trademark, copyright)

  • IP scope - narrow or broad? Both?

  • Are there overlapping forms of IP that give you enhanced protection?


IP Portfolio Management:

  • IP Searching

  • IP Strategy

  • IP Prosecution

  • Maintaining your IP

  • Monitoring your IP

  • IP Licensing


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