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What is...a great US IP Associate?

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A great US IP associate communicates consistently and in a timely fashion, uses fixed fees for patents, trademarks, copyright, and IP maintenance; and is highly-skilled. These characteristics form the foundation of a great US IP associate, but there are things that set KPIP Law above the rest. By having a single point of contact to handle all of your clients' IP in the US your clients' gain efficiency, predictability, and more strategic US IP management.

With KPIP Law you will not be handed off to a new associate, you will not be double billed by a partner, you will not receive surprise bills, and you will not have to wonder what the status is of your clients' US IP. As the owner and founder of KPIP Law, I pride myslef in being responsive and personable. I strive to be an integral member of your team. You can count on KPIP Law to handle your clients' US IP with care.

If you are ready to have a great US IP Associate, please reach out.

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