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KPIP Law's website!

I am beyond excited to announce that I had the pleasure of working with two amazing women on my rebrand for KPIP Law. The new site is now live!

My original site was homemade and functional, but it was not doing all it could to help people find me and connect with me.

This is the first time a have worked with a copywriter and Stephanie Chabot at Chabot Creative was amazing. It was incredible to have her create copy in my voice! It is invigorating to be able to find a trusted partner and let them do their thing (kind of like when you find the right IP attorney :)). Stephanie also worked seamlessly with my web design partner, Alethea Copelas at Inspired Website Design. Alethea walked me through every step of the process and came up with a mood board that was so on point it gave me goosebumps.

My new website reflects my creativity, my unique skill set, and it is fun and engaging. It provides users an opportunity to 'choose their own adventure' so they reach the right information for them as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

I can't wait for you all to see it! Please, go check it out!


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